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The Bernal Theatre: cultural and social heart of El Palmar

The creative engine of a neighbourhood, to which it has been closely linked since its inauguration in 1910

The Bernal Theatre reopened in 2003, after a profound restoration that has returned to it its original splendor and decorative richness.

A Theatre as an important cultural focus of the town, which lasted for decades

According to the chronicles of the time, the building had three large and decorative main doors that gave access to a cozy lobby, from where a wide corridor led to the stage, and three others: one central and two on the side towards the seating area.

In addition, there were two stairs in the lobby, one on each side. The seating area was nice and spacious. It had a central corridor and two on the sides that facilitated a fluid circulation through the seats.

Teatro Bernal - Turismo de Murcia
Teatro Bernal. Patio de butacas- Turismo de Murcia

After its reconstruction in 2003, it was a venue for many theater, dance and concert activities

The Bernal Theatre attracted the attention of the spectators because it was a real silver cup. The set was very artistic and sophisticated, with abundant and varied lighting. As a relief for the spectators, the theatre had an open-air patio that connected with the stalls. From 1910 it became one of the meeting points of the social and cultural life of the city.

Over the years, the theater closed as such and was used as a projection hall. After its reconstruction in 2003 by the students of the Workshop School of the City of Murcia, the building is a venue for many theater, dance and concert activities.


Cl. Lorca, 63, 30120 El Palmar, Murcia

Phone: +34 968 882 329

Email: teatrobernal@ayto-murcia.es



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