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Old Bridge or Bridge of Dangers

A symbol to unite the two Murcias on the Segura

The Bridge of Dangers (also called, Bridge of the Hazards) is a symbol of the city. Built in the 18th century, it is the oldest bridge and joins the Carmen neighborhood with the historic center.

This stone-built bridge is the oldest in Murcia

The Bridge of the Hazards is an arched stone bridge over the Segura River dating back to the 18th century. It is the oldest in Murcia. It was built in 1718 and was completed in 1742. Its name was given because at the end of the bridge, the part that links with the neighborhood of Carmen, it was built a temple dedicated to the Virgin of Dangers, an icon for the Murcians to which they owe absolute devotion. They say that anyone who had to cross the river invoked the protection for the fear of the terrible floods caused by the Segura river as it passed through Murcia. Today the custom of many people in Murcia to be sanctified every time they go through the bridge by looking at Our Lady is maintained.

The left bank: cross the river while enjoying wonderful views of the city

Through the Bridge of the Hazards runs the daily life of the neighbors of the city, it is also the place through which some of the most important events pass, as is the case of the "Los Coloraos" procession every Holy Wednesday. From there you can see, on the left bank of the bridge, the "Monument to the Burial of the Sardine" that looms in the river next to the bridge, and the "Mills of the River", former flour mills of the 19th century and today a museum and exhibition hall. As well as the Glorieta and the tower of the Cathedral of Murcia.

From the right bank of the bridge, you can see La Pasarela Manterola

If you look along the right bank of the bridge you can see "La Pasarela Manterola", a pedestrian bridge by Javier Manterola, which connects the Malecón area and the Carmen neighborhood with the Verónicas Market and the Almudí Palace. Its design resembles a ship with a mast 30 meters high to which 45 steel straps are attached, of which thirty hold the base and fifteen of them act as a counterweight between the structure and the artificial islet, formed on the riverbed. The walkway of Manterola, changed the image of the bridges over the Segura River as it passed through Murcia, bringing modernity to the image of the city. It was inaugurated on August 12, 1997.

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