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The City Museum's main attractions are the dissemination and diffusion of Murcia's cultural heritage

Original pieces, models and reproductions are distributed throughout the different rooms of the City Museum in chronological order and show the main signs of identity of its great cultural heritage, both of the city and of its municipal district.

At the back of the museum is an orchard of Hispano-Muslim origin

The Museum of the City of Murcia is located in the former home of the López Ferrer family. The building dates back to the 16th century, when Don Gil Rodríguez de Junterón, secretary to Pope Julius II and Archdeacon of Lorca, had it built. The appearance it had at that time, with its large towers, today serves as an emblem of the museum. In the 19th century, the house was modified, but its yellow façade with six balconies and its large central entrance door are still preserved. At the back of the building there is an orchard of Hispano-Muslim origin, the old Huerto Cadenas, irrigated by the waters of the Caravija irrigation channel.

Museo de la Ciudad - Turismo de Murcia
Museo historico cultural de la ciudad de Murcia - Turismo de Murcia

The museum shows how the city has evolved throughout its history

This museum takes a journey through the history, tangible and intangible heritage, art, crafts and ethnography of the capital in its most varied manifestations. All of this in chronological order, to show visitors the amazing historical development of the city from the first civilisations to the 20th century.

The museum's route takes visitors into the aspects that have marked the evolution of this important urban centre through aspects such as religion, the economy, urban planning, politics and art.


Plaza Agustinas, 7, 30005 Murcia

Phone: +34 968 274 390

Email: museo.ciudad@ayto-murcia.es

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