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The House of the writer Pedro Díaz Cassou, one of the examples of Murcian modernism

It is currently the headquarters of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Department of Transparency, Participation and Public Administration of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia.

The Casa Díaz Cassou is undoubtedly the most significant work of modernism in Murcia

The building was designed by the architect José Antonio Rodríguez, commissioned by the writer and scholar Pedro Díaz Cassou, who was very interested in the traditions of Murcia.

The author wisely created a chamfer in the main corner of the building, the point where the two façades of the building meet, and moving around it, he projects and breaks the line of the cornice. In the centre is a neat semicircular bay window topped by an iron railing.

Casa Díaz Cassou Modernismo en Murcia - Turismo de Murcia

Situated in Santa Teresa Street, it has been a BIC of Cultural Interest since 1990

The interior of the house has a large decorative programme of frescoes on the main floors and its central staircase, executed after 1906, with a certain splendour. The paintings are by Pedro García del Bosque (1907-1908).


C/ Santa Teresa, 21 30005 MURCIA


Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm

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