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Floridablanca Garden

The Floridablanca Garden is one of the most beautiful public gardens in the city of Murcia. It was created in the middle of the 19th century, making it the oldest in the city.

Set in a large block, the Floridablanca Garden was the first public garden to be opened in Spain

It currently occupies 11,330 square metres in the heart of the Barrio del Carmen, one of the most traditional areas of the city.

The Floridablanca Garden was the first public garden to be created in Spain, around the same time that Charles III opened up an area of the Royal Site of El Buen Retiro to the inhabitants of Madrid.

Jardín de Floridablanca - Turismo de Murcia

Monuments have been placed in the Garden, making it an evocative space of the city's history over the last three centuries

In the Garden there is a monument to the Count of Floridablanca, José Moñino y Redondo, who was a Spanish politician who held the post of Secretary of State between 1777 and 1792 and presided over the Central Supreme Junta, created in 1808. It also has a monument to the poet Jara Carrillo, the monument to Selgas, the bust of the sculptor Antonio Garrigós and in the middle of its flowerbeds is the doorway of the old abattoir from 1748, as a decontextualised access gate, as it was moved in 1848 from the nearby Plaza de la Paja, where the city's abattoir was located.

From the garden you can see the façade of the Iglesia del Carmen

The façade of the church of El Carmen seen from the garden is quite a sight. In addition to the urban, sculptural and architectural elements, the park's great botanical and landscape attraction stands out, with unique specimens of different species of trees: ficus, tipuanas, jacarandas and poplars, among many others, which play an important role in the configuration of this unique space. In 2017 it was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest with the category of "historic garden".

Jardín de Floridablanca Iglesia del Carmen - Turismo de Murcia

Jardín de Floridablanca. C/ Proclamación, 6, 30002 Murcia

Teléfono: 34 968 358 600


Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 10 pm

Free entrance

Wheelchair accessible. Adapted parking for the disabled

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