In Murcia you can enjoy a rich and varied gastronomy based on the products of the land: vegetables, fish, rice or meats with which dishes are prepared that always satisfy the visitor. Murcian products are known for their quality all over Europe and are the protagonists of traditional cuisine and also of the new signature cuisine that places us among the new culinary avant-gardes as a first line reference.

Murcia capital española de la gastronomía 2021 - Turismo de Murcia

Murcia Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2020 - 2021

Murcia is the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2020. It will also hold this title during 2021 due to the cancellation of events and activities in 2020 because of COVID-19. In this way, Murcia has another opportunity to claim its identity through gastronomy. A project led by the capital of the Region, but shared by 45 other municipalities. A recognition of the quality and originality of the market garden and its products. The Huerta de los 1,001 flavours, and the culinary diversity that we want to continue to share with all visitors and tourists.

Murcia is rich in vegetables and fruit from its orchards, fish and seafood from its seas, as well as farm and game meats

There are many products that this land gives us, from the garden come many fruits and vegetables of all kinds with which many recipes are cooked. Pork and lamb also play an important role in our cuisine. In Murcia there are two autochthonous breeds of pig known as "chato murciano" and lamb known as "cordero segureño". In our land, pork sausages are very traditional and many high quality varieties are made. As the saying goes, "everything but the squeal". Rabbit and hare also play an important role in Murcian gastronomy and are widely used in stews and rice dishes.

Gastronomía de Murcia Arroz y verduras - Turismo de Murcia
Salazones, hueva mojama y almendras - Turismo de Murcia

Another very typical element in Murcia is salted fish

Fish and seafood are also very important in Murcian gastronomy. Sea bream, mullet and prawns from the Mar Menor are the stars of many of the most famous dishes on our table. Another very typical element in Murcia is salted fish. Roe and mojama are local salted products that are widely used in Murcia and can be found on any tapas route around the city.

Murcia’s gastronomy is one of the things that make it so appealing

Murcia's gastronomy is one of its great attractions. The people of Murcia have known how to make the most of their rich and varied larder, preserving the healthy virtues of the Mediterranean diet and adding imagination, creativity and good work. This creativity is reflected in a designer and signature cuisine that places it among the new culinary avant-garde as a first-rate reference point.

When creativity, design and professionalism are combined with the clear vision that the chef manages to communicate in his dishes, a unique gastronomy is generated, a unique imprint, a unique cuisine (which we call) signature cuisine, intimately linked to the chef, his technique, his creations and the menu of his restaurant.

Gastronomía de Murcia Cocina de autor - Turismo de Murcia
Grastronomía de murcia Cabaña Buenavista Chef Pablo Sanchez Conejero - Turismo de Murcia

Signature cuisine in Murcia is synonymous with style, creativity and technique

Signature cuisine in Murcia is synonymous with style, creativity and the particular technique of that professional who knows how to stamp his or her unique stamp on the product and express his or her experience and roots. The quality of the product and the roots are of enormous importance as the Murcian chef Pablo Sánchez Conejero (two Michelin stars) highlights in the book "Recetas la Huerta" when he refers to those expert hands that wisely and patiently perform the miracle of turning a handful of bajocas (for example) into art, that art that is distilled in every village, in every little corner of our land, where every day the best of delicacies are undoubtedly prepared.

In recent years we have witnessed the birth of a new Murcian cuisine, more modern, with real signature touches and, most importantly, of a very high quality. The offer is wide and varied, which will delight lovers of creative, surprising and avant-garde cuisine.

Murcia's gastronomic offer, among its most outstanding aspects is the presence of great professionals and renowned chefs, who, thanks to their creativity and technique, allow us to enjoy surprising culinary creations, which pay tribute to the sight, the taste and the most demanding palate.

Recipes, restaurants and tapas

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Traditional recipes
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