Tourism in Murcia

Museum of the University of Murcia

The artistic wealth of a thousand-year-old university

This museum is located in pavilion number 4 of the former Jaime I Artillery Barracks. This barracks consists of six large pavilions, around a large parade ground that has now been recovered for the municipality as a place for leisure and recreation.

It was opened as a university museum in 2003

The main objective of the Museum is the collection, safeguarding, conservation, study and exhibition of an important series of movable goods of the University of Murcia. These are mainly objects of a technical, scientific, artistic or cultural nature that, for the most part, had become obsolete and/or outdated for teaching resources. These collections consistently show the history of research at the University of Murcia.

Museo de la Universidad de Murcia - Turismo de Murcia

The history of the university in 220 collections with 4000 pieces

It has a series of objects of a technical, scientific, artistic and cultural nature that had become outdated for teaching resources, currently having 220 collections and about 4,000 pieces.

The Museum also has the 'José Nicolás Almansa' Temporary Room where exhibitions of painting, sculpture or photography are held and also archaeology, bibliography or cinema shows. In addition, the museum also participates in seminars, courses and conferences that stand out for the large number of visitors.

This tourist service has passed the evaluation of the advanced SICTED good practices for the reduction of the risk of contagion by coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in the tourism sector.

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