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Salzillo Museum

A museum for our most universal sculptor

The Murcian sculptor Francisco Salzillo is, without a doubt, the best exponent of Spanish sculpture of the 18th century, and one of the great ones within the great Spanish Baroque artists dedicated to religious sculpture.

Completely different spaces blend together harmoniously in a museum of extraordinary monumental value

On the one hand, the church of Our Father Jesus (Nuestro Padre Jesús), baroque construction of the 17th century and, on the other, the avant-garde architecture of the new building. The visit begins in the Plaza de San Agustín, the traditional anteroom of the church and museum. Completely renovated by Yago Bonet, the architect has sought to regenerate the urban environment and to emphasise the representative and ceremonial character of a space that congregates processional processions and the departure of Salzillo's pasos from the church of Jesús.

The processional steps belong to the Brotherhood of our Father Jesus Nazarene, which has a very important connection with the city and whose most significant public act is the procession of Good Friday in the morning.

Museo Salzillo, Iglesia de Jesús - Turismo de Murcia
Oración del Huerto, Salzillo - Turismo de Murcia

The passionate work: one of Salzillo's perfections

Salzillo transformed wooden structures and polychrome in lections of emotion and feeling. Works such as La Última Cena (Last Supper), La Dolorosa, San Juan, or La Oración del Huerto among others can be admired in its original enclave, the temple, illustrated stage with beautiful mural paintings of the 18th century, which serve as a perfect setting for contemplation of sculptural works.

Belén de Salzillo: a crib to immortalize the Murcia of the XVIII century

The Bethlehem of Salzillo, through its five hundred fifty-six figures, immortalized the Murcia of the 18th century through its protagonists. Through the virtuosity and extreme quality manifested and their execution, the viewer is imbued in the atmosphere of the time.

The physiognomy, the characters, the ways of dressing, the trades, the great realism of their gestures and expressions, come together and show the visitor a visual spectacle difficult to forget.

Belén, Salzillo - Turismo de Murcia

Calle Dr. Jesús Quesada Sanz 1 30005 Murcia

Phone: +34 968 291 893

Email: museosalzillo@museosalzillo.es



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