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The Veronicas Market: Murcia's main marketplace

Buy like always, buy like never

The Verónicas market is located in the Plano de San Francisco, next to the former Convent of Veronicas and very close to the Almudí Palace, the Malecón Walkway and the Segura River.

In this Plaza de Abastos, the visitor can enjoy the best products of the Region and consume them in the same place, in some of the bars that mark the corners of the Market. A unique experience that takes us back to the essence of a city, that of turning every daily act into a reason to celebrate and enjoy life.

The Veronica Market dates back to the early years of the 20th century

Since the 15th century there has been a habit in Murcia to celebrate the market in the Arenal area, the Plano de San Francisco, where is the current Verónicas Market. This practice led to the permanent existence in that place of a market, which was endowed in 1910 with a Modernist style building designed by the architect Pedro Cerdán.

Today, it is one of the most important in the city, and in it are, every day, hundreds of people in search of the best products.

Mercado de Veronicas - Turismo de Murcia

Much more than Plaza de Abastos: the gastronomic classroom

In it you can find the best fish and seafood, the best meats, delicatessen and salted products. The Verónicas Market also has a gastronomic space in which cooking classes are organized almost daily aimed at certain groups contacted by the city council of Murcia.

Saturdays are the most affluent day and when the small canteens inside cook the products purchased in the market. The meat and fish shops are located at the bottom and the fruit and vegetable ones at the top can be accessed by escalators.

Plaza de Abastos next to a millennium of history

Next to the Market, on its right side, you can see a section of the Wall. Two towers are preserved, one of them practically complete which is embedded in the Veronicas Church. This indicates the reuse that was made of the wall to build the convent. It is the only tower on the wall that is preserved today.

Restos Muralla arabe en el Mercado de veronicas

Plano de San Francisco 10 30004 MURCIA

Phone: +34 722 607 047

Email: info@mercadodeveronicas.es



Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm

Free entrance

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