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The city of Murcia is located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. It is the capital of the Autonomous Community of the same name which, with a surface area of 11,317 square kilometres, is the largest of the single-province autonomous communities in Spain, and is also one of the seven most populated cities in the country.

Its metropolitan area covers 881 square kilometres. It is made up of the city centre, with a central core of 3 kilometres, the old quarter with a diameter of 1.5 kilometres and the 55 districts administratively dependent on the Murcia City Council, which encompass half of the population of the municipality. Territorial diversity is, therefore, one of the hallmarks of Murcia's identity.

Geographically, it is divided into two very distinct areas: the Huerta, which extends along the banks of the Segura River, and the Campo, with arid lands located to the N/W, N/E and South of the municipality. The average altitude above sea level is around forty-three metres.


In general, four large areas can be identified that run from north to south of the municipality: the mountains in the north of the valley; the central Guadalentín-Segura valley; the Carrascoy and southern mountain ranges; and the Campo de Murcia. It is in the central nucleus formed by the Segura valley and flanked by the two mountain areas where the city and its periurban area are located, concentrating most of the population. This area extends in a southwest-northeast direction and is approximately seven kilometres wide. The southern half of the municipality is called Campo de Murcia, and is a plain that stretches from the Sierra de Carrascoy and other pre-coastal mountain ranges to the municipalities bordering the Mar Menor. It is made up of the largest districts of the municipality, which are also the least populated.

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The good weather is another reason to plan a visit at any time of the year. One of the most characteristic aspects of Murcia is its usual blue skies and the bright sunlight that permeates the city and its huerta (market garden). Situated on the southern edge of the temperate zone, it enjoys a very mild Mediterranean climate, as the proximity of the sea acts as a thermal buffer. The average annual temperatures in Murcia are around 18° C. Winters are mild, with an average January temperature of 10.2° C, and summers are very hot, with an average of 25.7° C, with more than 2,800 hours of sunshine per year.

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Murcia, Spain


But not only does it occupy a strategic position in the Mediterranean Arc, but also in the Region of Murcia itself, surrounded by orchards and very close to the sea. The sunny beaches of the Murcian coastline, the beautiful inland counties and incomparable natural spaces are just a short distance away and well connected by motorways.

It is also connected to the main Spanish and European capitals through the international airport of Corvera, railways and motorways. Murcia offers itself to the visitor as what it is, a prosperous, modern and dynamic city, which conserves its warmth and baroque style and enjoys an unequalled climate and gastronomy.

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Information of interest to visitors


The Central Post and Telegraph Office (Plaza Circular, 8, 30008 Murcia) is open on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays closed. Phone: 968 27 12 96. Stamps are also available in all tobacconists.


Most banks are open from Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Only a few branches open on Saturday mornings. There are 24-hour automatic tellers around the city, and most (Servired, 4B, etc.) offer international services.


  • 1st January - New Years Day
  • 6th January - Epiphany of the Lord
  • 19th March - Saint Joseph's Day
  • 1st April - Maundy Thursday
  • (dates change every year) - Good Friday and Easter Tuesday
  • 1st May - Labour Day
  • 9th June - Region of Murcia Day
  • 13th September - La Bien Aparecida (Local Fest)
  • 12th October - Spanish National Holiday
  • 1st November - All Saints' Day
  • 6th December - Day of the Spanish Constitution
  • 8th December - The Feast of Immaculate Conception
  • 25th December - Nativity of the Lord


  • +34 968 358 600


  • 112 - Emergencies
  • 080 - Fire Emergencies
  • 061 - Medical Emergencies
  • 010 - Municipal Information
  • 092 - Local Police
  • 091 - National Police
  • 902 222 292 - Red Cross
  • 968 98 90 00 - Murcia Foreigners' Office
  • 968 379 822 - Murcia Ambulances


  • 4B, VISA Electron, Master Card, VISA: 902114400 / 913626200
  • Servired (VISA, VISA Electron, Master Card): 902192100
  • American Express: 902375637
  • Red 6000: 915965335
Belgian Consulate

Calle Jara, 31, 5º A. 30201 Cartagena

+34 968 52 81 91

Email: moc.gnitlusnocbyp@onerdepjj

Consulate of Bolivia

Calle Torre de Romo, 52, b, 30011 Murcia

+34 968 259 696

Consulate of the Republic of Ecuador

Av. Ronda Norte, 27, bajo. 30009 Murcia

+34 868 912 990

Email: ce.vog.eerrmm@aicrumucec

Consulate of France

Avda. Doctor Pedro Guillén, 5. 30100 Murcia

+34 694 478 640

Email: moc.liamg@eicrumedecnarfedtalusnoc

Consulate of Great Britain

Avenida Palmeral de Zaraiche, 7, 1ºA, Edificio Mursiya. 30007 Murcia

+34 968 838 505

Email: se.setnof@sreywal

Consulate of Mexico

Calle Merced, 1, 30001 Murcia

+34 968 239 043

Email: moc.oicogenofni@paleds

Consulate of the Republic of Poland

Calle las Norias, 1, 30009 Murcia

+34 610 251 896

Romanian Consulate

Av. de los Rectores, 3, 30100 Murcia

+34 968 879 567

Email: moc.snoitulosarolpx@aicrumodalusnoc

Consulate of Sweden

Muralla del Mar, 8, 1º A. 30202 Cartagena

+34 968 507 000/ 004/ 008

Email: moc.tcgnikiv@tcgnikiv

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