Getting Around in Murcia

Murcia is a city that, because of its size, climate and orography is ideal for walking or cycling. But to move beyond the city center, it is advisable to use the extensive public transport network that covers the entire metropolitan area.


Murcia has a wide fleet of city buses that allows you to get around the city center and its surroundings easily and comfortably.


The city has 18 kilometers of tram route and connects the northern area of Murcia (Universities, large shopping and leisure centers, and residential areas) with the urban center.

With 11 vehicles, the commercial service is structured in two blocks: the main service, which connects the Nueva Condomina stadium and its leisure and commercial areas, with the University of Murcia; and the shuttle service, which departs from the Terra Natura stop to the San Antonio Catholic University, La Noria shopping center and the Jerónimos Monastery.


Murcia has a large and modern fleet of taxis operating 24 hours a day. The fare is ensured by officially calibrated taximeters installed in the taxis.

Radio Taxi Murcia


Teléfono: +34 968 248 800


Murcia Taxi


Teléfono: +34 968 111 187


The city of Murcia has a public transport system that aims to promote the use of the bike as an efficient and sustainable means of transport, making travel more accessible and affordable.

This plan, launched by the City Council, aims to reduce the use of private vehicles and enhance other non-motorized means of transport, such as public transport, walking or biking.

Discover the city by bike in a sustainable and healthy way. Murcia is in the top 10 cities with the highest number of cycling lanes in Spain.

muybici. Bicicleta pública de Murcia

Bicicleta pública de Murcia

Av. Juan Carlos I, 55 6º A - 30100

Phone: +34 902 930 750

Email: info@labici.net


Oficina municipal de la bicicleta.

La oficina de la bicicleta

Plaza Robert Schumann, s/n, 30007

Phone: +34 968 200 293



Parking in the city center and other commercial and economic interest areas are regulated by parking meters, it is necessary to pay the ticket. The blue area parking of Murcia allows you to park a maximum of 250 minutes; while the green zone is limited to 150 minutes.

The city has a large number of car parks. If you are going to visit the city, park your vehicle and enjoy comfortably on foot or approach other points of interest by public transport or taxi.

In the city of Murcia, it is not allowed to park motorcycles on the sidewalk and doing so may be sanctioned. The city has specific parking spaces for motorbikes.


parking libertad
Av. Libertad, 1 - 30009 +34 968 281 344 Abierto: 24H
parking Alfonso X
Alfonso X el Sabio, 14 - 30008 +34 968 234 733 Abierto: 24H
parking la fuensanta
Plaza de San Agustín, 1 - 30005 +34 968 297 774 Abierto: 24H
parking la vega
Cronista Carlos Valcárcel, 3 - 30008 +34 968 200 522 Abierto: 24H
parking excelsior
C/ Simón García, 56 - 30003 +34 968 225 633 Abierto: 24H
parking saba - estación de tren
C/ Industria, 30002 +34 662 418 060 Abierto: 24H
parking la fuensanta
C/ Saavedra Fajardo, 9, 30001 +34 968 241 660 Abierto: 24H
parking glorieta de españa
Glorieta de España, s/n, 30004 +34 963 931 546 Abierto: 24H
aparcamiento vibelsa
Calle Acisclo Díaz, 1, 30005 +34 968 281 822 Abierto: 24H
parking universidad
Plaza Universidad, 1, 30001 +34 968 200 899 Abierto: 24H
aparcamiento plano de san francisco
C/ Plano de San Francisco, s/n, 30004 +34 963 931 546 Abierto: 24H
parking campillo
C/ Acisclo Díaz, 10, 30005 +34 968 284 107 Abierto: 24H
parking avda. de la libertad
Av. de la Libertad, 2, 30009 +34 968 281 344 Abierto: 24H
aparcamiento vistalegre
Av Marqués de los Vélez, 25, 30008 +34 695 581 628 Abierto: 24H
aparcamiento hospital reina sofía
Ronda de Garay, 15, 30003 +34 968 257 561 Abierto: 24H
aparcamiento plaza santoña
Plaza de Santoña, s/n, 30006 +34 968 201 800 Abierto: 24H

Dissuasive parkings

Dissuasive car park
Calle Alcalde Gaspar de La Peña, 29, 30004 +34 632 434 524 Abierto: 24H
Dissuasive parking La Chimenea
Acequia de Almohajar Abierto: 24H
Aparcamurcia Atocha
Calle Periodista Encarna Sánchez, s/n, 30007 +34 968 744 180 Abierto: 24H
Dissuasive parking De La Chimenea
Av. Ciudad de Almería Abierto: 24H
Aparcamurcia La Condomina
Ronda de Garay, 30003 +34 968 744 180 Abierto: 24H
Dissuasive parking Ronda Sur
C/ Pedaneo José Marín Serna, 30010 Abierto: 24H
Dissuasive parking La innovadora
Av. del Palmar 30010 Abierto: 24H
Dissuasive parking B. Carmen
Barrio del Carmen 30010


Murcia is a city that, due to its size, climate and orography, is ideal to explore on foot, to stroll while discovering its monuments, museums, and places while enjoying its streets, its squares, its gastronomy and its people. However, we offer you routes and tourist itineraries that will make the visit to the city more enjoyable and organized.

Discover itineraries and tourist routes in Murcia.

Explore routes and itineraries through Murcia. Ideal for discovering the most emblematic places of the city.

Arab Footprint Route. By the city wall - Tourist Itineraries - Tourism of Murcia

Arab Footprint Route. By the city wall

Route from the Cathedral to Gran Vía Alfonso X The Wise - Tourist Itineraries - Tourism of Murcia

From the Cathedral to Gran Vía Alfonso X The Wise

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