The Bando de la Huerta is one of the biggest celebrations in the city of Murcia in spring.

It is the celebration of the city par excellence, in which the city buzzes and takes to the streets all its cultural roots and festive idiosyncrasies. It comes on the first Tuesday after Easter and opens the spring festival cycle. It is a day of exaltation of the Orchard traditions, closely linked to the history of the city itself.

Festivity of International Tourist Interest

This day, the city becomes a unique Orchard in which tens of thousands of people of all ages take to the streets in regional dress. Men wear the “zaraguelles”, vests and “monteras” (orchard hat), and women, with the beautiful skirts, aprons and shawls. What most characterizes and differentiates the orchard dress is the richness of its embroidery and its large number of ornaments.

The day begins early, with a floral offering to the Virgin of Fuensanta, patron saint of the city, in front of the baroque facade of the Cathedral. In the afternoon, the parade departs from the infante D. Juan Manuel neighborhood and goes through the city center, giving everyone the typical products that fill the floats.

The origin of this festival dates back to 1851, although it has been celebrated on about 120 occasions. In its beginnings, it may have been linked to the city's carnival celebrations.

Bando de la Huerta, Flower Offering - Tourism in Murcia
Bando de la Huerta, “orchard societies” - Tourism in Murcia

The “orchard societies” offer the traditional gastronomy of Murcia in the famous "Barracks"

In the most important squares and gardens, during the days preceding the parade, the orchard societies install the famous barracks ("barracas"), which open after the last procession of Resurrection Sunday and that remain open until the following Sunday. They offer the traditional gastronomy of Murcia; folkloric performances are performed, and the houses and the ancient customs of the orchard are recreated. They are open to all the public throughout the week, but on the most important days of the holidays, it is advisable make a reservation before to eat there.

The “day of the Bando” is an explosion of color and joy

The whole city and the orchard participate in this festivity, either parading or as part of the audience. Likely, the visitor cannot be distracted from the joy, and feel happy to participate in an event of this magnitude.

The Bando de la Huerta has its children's version, which is usually celebrated on the afternoon of the Resurrection Sunday and in which the little ones recreate the parade of the elders, also having various floats and giving candy to the spectators.

Bando de la Huerta Parade - Tourism in Murcia

Federación de Peñas Huertanas (Orchard Societies Federation)

Av. Primero de Mayo, 19, 30003 Murcia

Phone: +34 968 265 151

Federación de Peñas Huertanas (Orchard Societies Federation)

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