Going out for tapas in Murcia

Murcia is savoured from tapa to tapa. The Murcians make the art of going out for tapas an authentic ritual in this city which is one of the great Spanish capitals of Gastronomy.

In every corner, street or square there is good gastronomy in the form of tapas

In Murcia there is no typical bar area, the whole centre is the tapas area (zona gastro). On every corner, street or alley there are bars, but especially in the squares, many of which are full of terraces. Around the Cathedral, Plaza de Santo Domingo and Gran Vía Alfonso X The Wise, Santa Eulalia, San Juan Square or, of course, the well-known Plaza de las Flores and its surroundings.

Tapas are served both seated on the terrace and at the bar, which is very curious as in many places they are served outside the bars. The windows become outdoor bars from where we order our tapas from the waiters, while enjoying the good weather.

Going out for tapas in Murcia - Tourism in Murcia
Going out for tapas - Tourism in Murcia

Around the Cathedral of Murcia you will find terraces with a wide range of tapas

Around Murcia Cathedral there are a number of bars and restaurants that stand out for their terraces and wide range of tapas. If you want to discover the most traditional, here you can find the famous meat pies and pasties, which are usually accompanied by a cold beer. On the terraces you can enjoy seafood dishes, tigers, baked octopus and all kinds of montaditos. If the cold is pressing, ask for michirones or caldo con pelotas in any of the restaurants and small establishments in the area.

Around the Plaza de las Flores there are many bars that worship the "marinera"

The city's historic landmark is the Gran Bar Rhin, with two large windows overlooking St. Peter's Square. It is a place of worship for seafood. The Gran Bar is another veteran that is distinguished by the boiled food it prepares at nightfall, and by the meatballs in sauce with fried potatoes. The watchword of Murcian tapas is, as its name proclaims, La Tapa. Shrimp, prawns, prawns from the Mar Menor, cockles, razor clams, caballito and grilled or battered squid are all on display. Also worth mentioning are El Parlamento, El Secreto and El Fénix, in the Plaza de Santa Catalina, much smaller, but no less crowded.

Going out for tapas around Plaza de las Flores - Tourism in Murcia
Tapas in murcia near to Plaza de las Flores- Tourism in Murcia

At the beginning of Calle Ruipérez, next to the Plaza de las Flores, there is a concentration of bodegas and taverns

La Bodega de Pepico el del Tío Ginés, founded in 1935. Promoter of the tiny bread roll with whatever you like. Not to be missed is La Taberna de Perela, which has popularised its recipe for Real Murcia eggs.

Salvador, el de las Mulas has an encyclopaedic bar. Its walls are a reflection of the Murcia that has gone. Here there is an abundance of tapas: michirones, tripe, veal in sauce, blood sausage, broth with balls, fried chard, ratatouille, squid with tomato, boiled or roast potatoes with garlic, and a dish of the day that can be roast knuckle, rice and vegetables, pork stew, migas or stew.

La Gran Vía Alfonso X The Wise, Santo Domingo Square and Julián Romea Square

At the end of Avenida Alfonso X is Café Bar Gran Vía, a temple of Murcian salad and a must-visit for the aforementioned seafood dishes, as well as shrimp and mussels. The waiters, who know their trade well and are always right in their treatment and service, are quick and friendly.

Next we come to the Santo Domingo Square. Fast food franchises, several quality pizzerias, chocolate shops and cafés. In Square Julián Romea we will find small restaurants for a quick snack: sandwich shops, pizzerias and cafés, all of good quality and with a family atmosphere ideal to go with children.

Going out for tapas around in Plaza de Sato Domingo y Julian Romea - Tourism in Murcia
Mercado de correos, gastromarket - Tourism in Murcia

The San Juan Square and the surrounding area also has a good number of bars, taverns and restaurants

In the Ceballos Square is the Mercado de Correos, a gastromarket located in the city's old post office building. Entering from Calle Cánovas del Castillo, on the side of the Mercado de Correos, you can hop from bar to bar. The bodegón Los Toneles, frequented by Murcians and visitors for years, Los Navarros, with typical Murcian tapas, until we reach the Plaza San Juan where we find traditional restaurants with weight, bars, taverns and other new places with a gourmet touch. La Parranda, with a bar full of food that is a joy to see, or La pequeña taberna, another of the flagships of Murcian gastronomy.