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The Cathedral of Murcia

Heart, pride and icon of a city

Artistically it is the most important construction, and its tower is the symbol of Murcia.

Main facade: Baroque world summit

The main facade made by Jaime Bort, jewel of the international Baroque of exceptional beauty, is unique in its kind, and it was raised thanks to the help of Cardinal Belluga - cardinal in Rome and great benefactor of the city - to which the square in which it stands was dedicated and which today is one of the most important meeting points and celebration of important events of the city of Murcia. The two main themes of the facade are the Exaltation of the Virgin Mary - to whom the temple is consecrated - and the Glorification of the Church.

Imafronte Catedral de Murcia - Turismo de Murcia

The second tallest tower in Spain after the Giralda in Seville

The tower measures 90 meters high -95 with the vane-, which makes it the second highest in Spain after the Giralda of Seville. It is the highest point in the entire city and is composed of five horizontal bodies.

The interior of The Cathedral is mostly Gothic. Its layout is of three naves with ambulatory and chapels, most of these are burials of bishops and nobles who encouraged or collaborated in its construction.

Among its chapels it is worth highlighting the chapel of the Velez and that of Junterones

The Chapel of the Velez is flamboyant Gothic style, with an impressive ten-pointed starry dome. The Chapel of Junterones is one of the great works of the Spanish Renaissance. Also, we can highlight the plateresque seating of the choir, the “transcorum” or the cover of the ante sacristy and the large Merklin organ, which with its almost 4,000 pipes and four keyboards is one of the most important organs in the world.

Both the Museum of the Cathedral and its chapels are of a unique beauty. The museum is located in the old cloister of the Cathedral. There you can see paintings of the Italian trecento, paintings by Luca Giordano, and impressive sculptures by Francisco Salzillo.


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