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Monteagudo Castle: an icon that dates back to Islamic times

Located on an impressive rocky outcrop, 149 m above sea level

The castle is crowned by a colossal sculpture 14 metres high: the Christ of Monteagudo

Whoever comes to Murcia will appreciate in the distance the famous Christ of Monteagudo. It is placed in an impressive rocky mountain that rises 149 m above sea level, so it dominates the entire Orchard of Murcia.

At its feet is the "old road of Monteagudo" that links two important communication routes: the roads of Alicante and Castile. That is why the population in this place has been prolonged and uninterrupted: Argoric, Iberian, Roman and Arab culture.

Cristo de Monteagudo - Turismo de Murcia
Castillo de Monteagudo - Turismo de Murcia

The architectural remains date back to the Islamic period

Before the foundation of Murcia, it must have been a rural castle where the surrounding peasants took refuge. When the city becomes the true capital of the territory, it transforms into an urban castle, a fort and defensive watchtower of the Murcian emirs residing in the city.

After the Christian conquest, it is under the control of the Castilian monarchy. It is known that Alfonso X the Wise visited it twice and in it resided different royal alcaydes.

Discover its secrets at the Monteagudo Interpretation Centre

The Monteagudo Visitor Center is located at the foot of the Montegudo Castle and offers a tour explaining the 5,000 years of history of the inhabitants of Monteagudo. It allows you to know through several rooms the Argoric, Iberian, Roman and Arab civilizations that were installed in Monteagudo.

From the visitor centre we recommend a simple route of about 6 kilometres, which runs through the most emblematic areas of the area. The walk takes about 2 hours and follows signposted paths.

Centro de interpretación de Monteagudo - Turismo de Murcia

Plaza Iglesia, 2 30160 MONTEAGUDO - MURCIA

Phone: +34 968 851 910



Free entrance. Accesible place.

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