The Christmas period in Murcia fills the city with a multitude of events designed to be enjoyed by the whole family

Workshops in the museums, the Crafts Fair, nativity scenes in the squares, a multitude of religious events and the Great Three Kings Cavalcade return for Christmas for the enjoyment of Murcians and visitors alike.

The chronology of the Christmas festivities in Murcia begins at Easter

The chronology of the Christmas festivities in Murcia begins at Easter, with the crews of souls and Auroros bells, pious brotherhoods that, under the patronage of the Virgen del Rosario de la Aurora, go through the lanes of the huerta on Christmas night, to ask the neighbours for the "Christmas bonus" and to announce that Jesus has been born.

The city dresses up for Christmas; red carpets in the main streets, lanterns and Christmas lights accompany Murcians and visitors on their strolls. The lighting of the Christmas tree that illuminates the Circular Square in a riot of light, colour and fireworks announcing the beginning of the Christmas period is also a highlight.

Christmas markets set up in the city

The arrival of Christmas highlights the importance of craftsmanship in our culture and traditions. The Craft Fair on Gran Vía Alfonso X, which is held every year, offers visitors the chance to buy the most characteristic of Murcian crafts. Nativity scenes, pottery, glass, jewellery, metalwork, leather accessories, textiles and food (cheeses, Christmas sweets, wines, etc.) are some of the items that can be found.

In the Glorieta de España, opposite the City Hall, there is also another street market where you can buy products from young designers' brands: fashion, accessories, jewellery, books, illustration, toys and board games, among others.

Murcia is also full of nativity scenes in its squares and churches (the tradition of the nativity scene in this land is internationally famous). The traditional Three Kings Parade is also held, along with other Christmas events that brighten up the festivities for citizens and visitors alike.

The City Council complements the entertainment on offer with an extensive programme of activities for the little ones, which they can enjoy free of charge in the main enclaves of the city.

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