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Francisco Rabal Regional Film Library: a cultural lighthouse in the centre of Murcia.

Esta filmoteca nace en 2004 y tiene como misión recuperar, conservar y difundir el patrimonio cinematográfico de la Región de Murcia, así como satisfacer las demandas de formación, experimentación y prácticas cinematográficas.

A tribute to Francisco Rabal: our most universal actor

Since its foundation, the Film Archive, named after Francisco Rabal as a tribute to this great universal actor born in Murcia, has carried out an essential work of recovering the Murcian cinematic heritage, which has led it to be a reference center of studies and research. At the same time, the Film Archive provides the means for the restoration of this heritage, processing and analyzing documentary funds such as books, magazines, posters, photographs, press-books, etc. that can go to its deposit and custody, forming a specialized library with a huge graphic archive.

Filmoteca Regional Francisco Rabal - Turismo de Murcia
Filmoteca Regional Francisco Rabal - Turismo de Murcia

Meeting place for film lovers and official venue for festivals

It also fulfills a very relevant playful and cultural work thanks to all the activities and scheduled sessions, which have made it a meeting point for all those interested in cinema. It is also the official venue for several festivals, such as the European Fantastic Film Festival of Murcia.

It is located in a building of great cinema tradition, because for decades, the popular Salzillo cinemas were located in it.


Plaza Fontes, s/n. 30001

Film Archive Phone: +34 968 902 201

Ticket Office Phone: +34 968 357 296

Email: filmotecamurcia@filmotecamurcia.es



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