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La Contraparada Visitor Center

The millenary origin of the hydraulic engineering of the Huerta

Located between the areas of Javalí Nuevo and Javalí Viejo is a museum space in which the historical, cultural and natural values of both the Contraparada and the orchard of Murcia and the Segura River are presented.

An interactive museum of the river and the orchard

Although the Romans were already farming in the Huerta de Murcia, it was the Muslims who drained the marshlands and created a very efficient irrigation and drainage system from the Contraparada: the first place to visit for anyone wishing to get to know the Huerta de Murcia, it is the starting point of a wise use of the water which means that it is introduced into the Vega so that, by means of a multitude of irrigation channels which branch out, it can reach very distant points on both banks of the river, favouring the cultivation of fruit trees, citrus fruits and vegetables for centuries.

centro de Visitantes La Contraparada - Turismo de Murcia
centro de Visitantes La Contraparada Exposición - Turismo de Murcia

La Contraparada: Place of Cultural Interest and area of special ecological value

The Contraparada Visitor Center offers information on the evolution of the Orchard of Murcia and the Segura River, its history and traditions, crops, etc., as well as about the heritage wealth of La Contraparada, recognized as an Element of Cultural Interest (Bien de Interés Cultural) and area of special ecological value.

At the center, technology and innovation are central, incorporating the use of QR codes to download videos and documents in pdf, the generation of 360º content and a multimedia guide to the interpretive path of La Contraparada.

An outdoor route almost 2 km long

The itinerary, which has a circular layout, has directional and interpretative signage, which discovers to visitors which plant species are part of the riverside forests, what are the main species of birds that we can observe along the route, where the two largest ditches of Murcia are born or what architectural elements shaped one of the most important hydraulic engineering works of the Segura River, among other things.


Diseminado Contraparada, 3, 30832, Murcia

Phone: +34 968 212 518

Email: info@ecopatrimonio.es


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This tourist service has passed the evaluation of the advanced SICTED good practices for the reduction of the risk of contagion by coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in the tourism sector.

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