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Sanctuary of La Fuensanta: art and nature, at the top of the city

A sanctuary where you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the city and the orchard

The church houses the image of the patron saint of the city.

Its name comes from the fountain at his feet and to whose waters, the faithful people, attributed healing properties

It is a traditional temple of the Baroque of Murcia, consisting of three naves: a larger central and two sides with chapels. The cover (1705), by Toribio Martínez de la Vega, features two towers and a half-point arched door, highlighting two angels holding the coat of the Chapter of the Cathedral - whose initiative is due to the construction of the temple - and a central niche with the image of the Our Lady of the Holy Fountain (Fuensanta), the work of Jaime Bort, flanked by St. Patrick and St. Fulgencio.

Santuario de la Fuensanta - Turismo de Murcia
Santuario de la Fuensanta Relieves - Turismo de Murcia

The reliefs and frescoes on the dome

Inside there are splendid reliefs and sculptures by González Moreno. The paintings and murals of the dome and choir are the work of the painter Pedro Flores. In the first, the town and history of Murcia are represented in a pilgrimage of the Virgin, with Alfonso X, the Count of Floridablanca, Cardinal Belluga, Francisco Salzillo and other illustrious characters of the history of Murcia. The choir depicts the coronation of Our Lady of Fuensanta on the Old Bridge (Puente Viejo).

The Sanctuary of La Fuensanta is surrounded by a natural environment of singular beauty

The temple is located in the El Valle y Carrascoy Regional Park, a protected natural space that dominates the whole of the Murcian plain. In addition, around the Sanctuary there are other points of interest such as the so-called Fuente Santa (Holy Fountain) in Renaissance style, the Casa del Cabildo or Casa del Sacristán, in neo-Arabic style, or the monastery of the Benedictine nuns - connected to the Sanctuary by an arch - .

Santuario de la Fuensanta - Turismo de Murcia
Centro de visitantes San Antonio El Pobre - Turismo de Murcia

El Valle y Carrascoy Regional Park, an orchard of hermitages and monasteries

Visita otras ermitas y monasterios muy cerca de la Fuensanta

Close to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Holy Fountain are the Hermitage and the Monastery of Light (Monasterio de la Luz), whose first settlers were Anacoretas, the Hermitage and San Antonio el Pobre Visitor Center and the Convent of the Franciscans of Santa Catalina del Monte, places which are well worth visiting.

It is also noteworthy and recommended to visit La Luz Visitor Center, located just 1 km. from Fuensanta.


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