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The Plaza de las Flores: the festive heart of Murcia

One of the most outstanding and unmissable urban spaces in the old town

Las Flores square is located in the center of one of the main tapas and food areas of the city. Also walk through its adjacent streets and the adjoining squares of Santa Catalina and San Pedro and have a beer accompanied by a tapa.

A symbol to unite the two Murcias on the Segura. It is the saint and sign of Murcia's restoration

In Las Flores Square (Plaza de Las Flores) we can enjoy a wide variety of places and cafes, almost all with outside terraces, with a very festive atmosphere every weekend. Their gastronomic offer is focused on snacks and meals based on typical Murcian tapas, this place is the best-known reference in the city where you can enjoy a variety and quality selection of tapas.

In the central fountain of the square you can see "La niña de la flores", a bronze sculpture by the sculptor José Fuentes Aynar, which has been part of the image of the square since 2011.

It is surrounded by an infinite number of pedestrian streets where it is worth getting lost

In Las Flores Square there are countless pedestrian side streets, all full of bars and local tapas with a relaxed atmosphere. Through one of these streets, passing through St. Peter's Square, we reach the Verónicas Market, a traditional market where we can buy typical products of the orchard, the sea and the mountains. Next to Las Flores Square being part of the pedestrian complex you will find Santa Catalina Square, which shares the same character and festive atmosphere. In it you can see the Union and Fénix building, of the 17th century, topped with a statue with the emblem of the company, a person with his arm raised on a phoenix.

It is one of the most charming squares in the city

In its beginnings, there was the building of the Major Butcher's Shop of Murcia, intended for the sale of meat. Around this building the florists of the city placed their stalls in order to offer their products. Stalls that are still present in the square today. At the end of the 19th century the building was demolished and in 1968 the area finally received the official name of Plaza de las Flores (Las Flores Square).

Today, around the central fountain are flower stalls, shops, cafes, trees, wooden benches, streetlights, etc., making the square one of the most charming squares in the city.

Flower stalls in Plaza de la Flores - Tourism in Murcia

Plaza de las Flores 30004 Murcia


Open 24 hours.

Free entrance. Accessible place.

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