Exercise or stroll along the Malecon and Murcia Rio

If you feel like walking or exercising in Murcia you will find two ideal places along the river: El Malecón and Murcia Río.

The Malecón is a leisure area, ideal for jogging or walking

The Malecón promenade is located on the right bank of the Segura River, very close to the Verónicas Market, Almudí Palace and other points of tourist interest. It is an exceptional promenade about three metres above ground level. Like a tongue of stone it goes more than 1,500 metres into the Huerta, trying to surround the city on its western side, and running between the gardens of the old Convent of San Francisco and the Botanical Gardens. It is a place for leisure and walking, ideal for jogging or strolling, covering a total distance of 3,100 metres round trip.

The Paseo Fluvial de Murcia Río is another exceptional space where you can stroll, play sports and enjoy nature

This itinerary, which establishes a new connection between the city and the Huerta, connects the Manterola footbridge with the new green area of the Alameda del Malecón, through the creation of a pedestrian walkway with lighting, green areas with native and riverside vegetation, sitting areas, a square-viewpoint and a cycle lane.

This pedestrian promenade allows you to "look out over the Segura", as an alternative route to the Malecón and is ideal for cycling, jogging or strolling.