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Glorieta Garden

This garden, located in the Glorieta de España, opposite the Casa Consistorial, is one of the most bustling and prominent urban spaces in Murcia.

This recreational area was built in 1821 by D. Francisco Bolarín, and has had several names throughout its history

Over the years it has been called Glorieta del Arenal, Plaza de la Constitución, Plaza Alfonso XII, Paseo Reina Victoria, Plaza 14 de abril or its current name, Glorieta de España.

This bustling garden is a sunny place next to the river, where the pleasant sound of the water of its fountains and the colourful flowers are present for a large part of the year.

Jardín de la Glorieta - Turismo de Murcia

This landscaped square is home to the Murcia Town Hall

In this landscaped square is the Town Hall of Murcia, presided over by a central circular fountain and two elongated side fountains, reminiscent of those in the gardens of the Generalife in Granada.

A fourth fountain is located at the western end, where water flows from a pair of children representing childhood. At the opposite end, next to the rear façade of the Bishopric, is a sculpture dedicated to one of the city's great men, Cardinal Belluga.


Jardín de la Glorieta. Glorieta de España, 30004, Murcia


Open 24 hours. Free entrance

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