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The Town Hall of Murcia, a 19th century building in the neoclassical style

The Town Hall or Casa Consistorial of Murcia is the seat of the city's municipal institution. It is located in the Plaza de la Glorieta, opposite the Segura riverbed.

The image of the Plaza de la Glorieta, with the Casa Consistorial building in the background, is one of the most iconic images of the capital

The Town Hall of Murcia is the most important architectural work of the architect Juan José Belmonte (1809-1875). It has a façade with four large Corinthian columns supporting a pediment that gives greater importance to the main balcony. Above the balcony is a large coat of arms of the city escorted by statues of two muses, representing abundance and happiness respectively. In the centre of the pediment is the city clock, with a chime that plays typical Murcia melodies, such as the hymn, the song to Murcia from the zarzuela La Parranda and the hymn of La Fuensanta.

Casa consitorial - Turismo de Murcia

The building is located in the Plaza de la Glorieta

The Glorieta de Murcia, known as Glorieta de España, is one of the most prominent and busiest urban spaces in Murcia. It is a pedestrian square, elongated and landscaped. In addition to the Town Hall, there is also the rear façade of the Episcopal Palace and a statue of Cardinal Belluga presiding over the area in front of the roundabout, formerly known as Paseo del Arenal.

The annex building designed by Rafael Moneo has become one of the architectural symbols of contemporary Murcia

The lack of space in the Town Hall led to the construction and inauguration in 1998 of a new building annexed to the previous one, designed by the famous architect Rafael Moneo. The building, with its avant-garde façade, has become one of the architectural symbols of contemporary Murcia.

With a rectangular façade and an open square shape, the new Town Hall occupies a key position in the Plaza Belluga, just behind the classic Glorieta building and connected to it by a footbridge.

Edifico Moneo Plaza Cardenal Belluga - Turismo de Murcia

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