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The La Merced campus, an enclave of knowledge in the centre of the city and the oldest campus of the University of Murcia

The facilities of this campus were inaugurated in 1935, and historically it is the first campus, located in the centre of the city of Murcia. It is currently home to the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Arts.

The La Merced Campus is home to the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Arts

The campus is located between Obispo Frutos, Doctor Fleming and Santo Cristo streets. It houses the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Arts, as well as the Antonio de Nebrija Library, the Paraninfo and an office of the University Information Service (SIU).

As a historical reference, the main façade of the Faculty of Arts, located on Santo Cristo Street, occupies the place where, in the 16th century, the headquarters of the Mercedarian Order, the convent of La Merced, was located.

Facultad de Derecho, Universidad de Murcia, Campus de la Merced - Turismo de Murcia

The Cloister of the former convent of La Merced can be admired today inside the Faculty of Law

After several fires in the 19th century, the convent became a silk factory, then passed into the hands of the Marist Brothers and was finally acquired by the University of Murcia in 1935. After a thorough refurbishment (keeping the magnificent cloister intact) it became the headquarters of the Faculty of Law within the Merced Campus.

The cloister, built between 1604 and 1629, is built on two floors (both with columns with Tuscan order capitals and semicircular arches), with the curious way of arranging the columns 'in trio' in each of the four corners of the cloister standing out in this harmonious ensemble.

The Faculty of Arts occupies a building annexed to the Merced complex

The building located in the Plaza de la Universidad, originally the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, annexed to the Merced complex, was inaugurated in 1968 and is now the Faculty of Letters. The predominant architectural element in the square is a large pergola in the shape of a horseshoe and of great height, which is located precisely in front of the façade of the faculty.

In and around the square you will find a lot of students. The area is surrounded by several tapas places and some small bars which are very often crowded at night. Lively university atmosphere.

Claustro de la Merced, Facultad de Letras, Universidad de Murcia - Turismo de Murcia

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